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School Building HVAC System Installation & Repair

Alturas contractors specializes in repair and installation of HVAC systems in School buildings. Due to our vast experience in commercial HVAC repair and maintenance, our technicians are familiar with requirements of School building HVAC design standards. Hence we are proudly Los Angeles’s first choice for all types of educational institute building HVAC services. 

Why Alturas Contractors?

Importance of School Building HVAC Systems Design

  • Over a decade of industry experience
  • Specialize in Commercial HVAC
  • Licensed & Certified Local Contractors
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As we are all well aware of the fact that the main purposes of a Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system is to maintain good indoor air quality to provide thermal comfort. HVAC systems are one of the largest energy consumers in schools and universities. The choice and design of the HVAC system can affect many other goals that are even more important.

Only skilled and professional engineers can design a cost-competitive quality system that has traditional ventilation designs, apart from providing an appropriate quantity and quality of outdoor air, lower energy costs, and easier maintenance effectively.

Every school, university or any other educational facility relies on quality commercial HVAC systems to stay comfortable and functional all the time of the year. The weather can vary greatly every season in different parts of the world, so it becomes really important to make sure that your school’s HVAC system is running efficiently.

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Universities and Schools HVAC Service and Maintenance

Work with the highly skilled professionals at Alturas HVAC to make sure that your education facility stays open while its residents remain comfortable throughout the year. Here at Alturas HVAC we proudly work with schools, universities, and other educational facilities. Our services keep students, staff, and faculty safe and comfortable season after season.

The Goal for HVAC Systems in Schools

The most important role of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment in schools is the regulation of temperature and improved indoor air quality. These systems are responsible for keeping educators, staff, and all the students at a comfortable temperature and reducing their exposure to any sorts of pollutants that are there in the air. If you have a healthy school environment it will promote your students’ learning and productivity levels in the classroom, as well as it will improve their achievements and performance throughout their lives.

Facts & Stats about HVAC in Schools and universities

  • Around 50 percent of our country’s schools have troubles related to indoor air quality.
  • Children are more prone to indoor pollutants.
  • Students start to learn less when the temperature surpasses 70 degrees.
  • The hotter the classroom, the worse the condition for learning becomes.
  • Energy is the highest school-related expense for states besides other staff members.
  • Schools that make energy efficiency improvements typically slash utility bills by 5 to 20 percent.

Keeping Students Healthy with HVAC Service Maintenance

Well, the school sector not only offers work opportunities for HVAC technicians but also the satisfaction of knowing their services facilitate learning environments for their nation’s students. But as it is the case with other sectors, there are important considerations for HVAC professionals in schools. Knowing they can help techs make informed decisions about entering and working in this market. Schools are just one of the many areas HVAC technicians ply their trade-in.

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