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HVAC Repair and Installation Services for Food manufacturing Industry

Alturas contractors offer repair and installation of hvac systems in manufacturing and food industry. Due to our experience in commercial HVAC repair and maintenance, our technicians are familiar with requirements of supermarket HVAC design standards.

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HVAC Systems in Food manufacturing

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Every food item needs different temperature settings in order to survive. While processing facilities designed for frozen or fresh, seafood or meat products, or vegetables and fruits may all be different, they each have some basic features in common. Also for human health and safety, the atmosphere in these facilities must be kept clean and clear from any sort of bacteria.

We understand the technical aspects of commercial and industrial heating, cooling, and ventilation and are experiened to handle HVAC services for food plants.

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Food manufacturing HVAC Service and Maintenance

Importance of HVAC Ventilation for Food Quality

Keeping processing rooms properly cooled and clean is a fundamental requirement for food production. HVAC systems are Critical Control Points in the management of food processing plants and must be kept within guidelines to eliminate airborne pathogens, allergens, and other potentially harmful components. Colder temperatures reduce the growth of bacteria, so properly maintaining and controlling your system is a base requirement.

Periodic measurement and verification is very important to maintain the ideal airflow for your food products and members working in that area as well. Filters must be checked and changed regularly to make sure that they are functioning in the best possible way.

Our team will measure and monitor your HVAC system to make sure that healthful standards are being met.

Proper Ventilation in food manufacturing units Keeps Workers Safe

In addition, for the health and safety of your employees, HVAC services for food plants must be monitored carefully. Contaminants and allergens in the air that employees breathe can result in illnesses that may also be passed on to the food production and result in expensive employee absence and turnover rates.

The team at Altura Contractors will work with you to fine-tune your HVAC systems to make sure absolute product and employee safety. A regular maintenance program will help improve your system’s performance, lengthen its useful life, and lower energy costs.

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