Alturas Contractors provides all kinds of Commercial Exhaust system services including Exhaust Fan and Kitchen Hood. Our team have been providing Commercial Exhaust system Services for years. We serve Los Angeles and neighborhood.

Industrial and Commercial Ventilation for Los Angeles, CA

Commercial areas like restaurants, kitchens and industries emit a lot of heat, fumes and dangerous pollutants during their daily functions. The Commercial Exhaust and ventilation system significantly improves air quality by eliminating any odor, grease, smoke, moisture, heat and pollutants from the area before it gets mixed into the surroundings. The Exhaust then replaces the contaminated air from the inner space with clean and fresh oxygenated air.

Commercial Exhaust and ventilation systems should be installed in manufacturing industries, food and beverage industries, and commercial kitchens. If these places keep functioning without a proper exhaust and ventilation system, it can be harmful and life-threatening for the workers. Commercial ventilation is the key to a pure, healthy and cooler environment.

When you hire Alturas Contractors for Commercial Exhaust system installation services, you are hiring a team of professionals who can install systems based on your operation needs, preferences and requirements of your commercial space.

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Los Angeles Ventilation Services : Installation and Repairs

Benefits of a Ventilation system

There are several benefits of installing Commercial Exhaust and ventilation systems :

Lower temperatures

The hot air rises, where the ventilation system is installed. The system removes that hot air and leaves the cold air at the bottom keeping the air fresh. If a ventilation system is properly installed, it can lower the temperatures by 30F or more. 

 Reduce the risk of health problems

To ensure employees health, it is important to make them work in a healthy environment to reduce the risks of health-related issues like skin allergies, headaches, breathing problems, rashes etc. It can result in efficient  production and increased business. 

Reduces dampness in the air

In the winter in Los Angeles, the food and beverage plants and restaurants get damp because of the water vapors that accumulate in the air daily functions. Commercial Exhaust and Ventilation System installation helps reduce the dampness and eliminates moisture and odor keeping the commercial area fresh.


Exhaust System Services Los Angeles 

Alturas Contractors provide all types of commercial exhaust system services in Los Angeles,CA. Our team at  Alturas have been cleaning, repairing and maintaining commercial exhaust and ventilation systems for long.

Equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment, our technicians  provide repair services for the malfunctioning commercial exhaust and ventilation system at your convenience. Our technicians diagnose the problem quickly and determine the best solution possible to save our customers from any further inconvenience. 

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Common Ventilation and Exhaust system Problems

With the continuous and excessive use of the exhaust and ventilation system, it may not function as efficiently as it should. If the system is not properly maintained , it can cause the system to fail. Once the system fails,the ambience of the commercial area gets ruined, thus badly affecting the productivity of the business. Exhaust and ventilation system repair can be very challenging as exhaust fans are usually heavy and can be difficult to move, thus it’s the job of HVAC specialists to repair the system. 

  • Worn out and broken fan belt
  • Inappropriate belt tension
  • Misalignment of sheaves and coupling
  • Blockage in air ducts
  • Dirty Air Filters
  • Burnt exhaust fan motor
  • Power Issues
  • Worn out bearings
  • Rattling and buzzing sounds


Commercial Exhaust System Services

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