Commercial Walk in Freezer Repair Services in Los Angeles

Commercial walk in freezers offer excellent storage capacity, guaranteeing the prolonged freshness and cold preservation of your frozen items.

Walk-in freezers are a significant financial investment for your business if you work in the food industry or run a restaurant. Issues with walk in freezers can be a huge problem for businesses that highly rely on them.

Repeatedly facing the problem of appliance failure can cost you an arm and a leg. Commercial walk in freezer repair companies like Alturas Contractors can assist you in protecting your inventory and preventing spoilage. We have been providing walk in freezer repair service in Los Angeles, CA and around.

walk in freezers repair


walk in freezer repair

Our Commercial Walk in Freezer Repair Includes

Your commercial walk in freezer protects thousands of dollars in inventory while properly preserving food for your clients. From the food service sector to pharmacies and super stores, having a malfunctioning walk in freezer can cost a lot.  

Alturas Contractors offers expertise in commercial walk in freezer repair, installation and maintenance services.

Our comprehensive services go beyond mere repair; we offer valuable guidance on maintaining and caring for your walk in freezers. Whether it’s advising you on proper walk-in freezer floor cleaning techniques, addressing issues with walk-in freezer doors, or providing walk in freezer floor repair services, we are your trusted partner for all refrigeration-related concerns.

Why Alturas Contractors?

Walk in Freezer Repair Or Replacement

A Commercial walk in freezer is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in your commercial kitchen. Determining whether to opt for walk in freezer repair or replacement when issues arise can be a challenging decision. There are few factors you must consider while making a decision:

Age Of Your Walk In Freezer

Age significantly influences walk-in cooler replacement or repair decisions, typically replacing units older than a decade

Comparison Cost Of Replacement Or Repair

After estimating repair costs, compare them to replacement prices. If repair costs exceed half of replacement costs, consider replacing the equipment. Otherwise, identify necessary repair steps.

Low-temperature Levels

Resolve temperature issues by identifying problematic refrigerator components; consider replacement if issues persist post-repair.

Is Your Commercial Walk in Freezer Taking Too Much Energy

Does Sudden electric bill rise? Your walk-in cooler may be the cause, consider a replacement.

Common Walk in Freezer Repair Issues

When your commercial walk in freezers begin to malfunction, rely on our expert technicians for a swift and effective walk in freezer repair. We specialise in servicing a variety of commercial walk in freezer models, addressing issues such as:

  • Lack of Power
  • Temperature Too High
  • Motor Running Constantly
  • Ice Buildup
  • Ice in the Drain Pan
  • Compressor, condenser, or evaporator failure
  • Clogged drain

Lead more on: Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Checklist

Professional Maintenance by Alturas Contractors

If you don’t have the proper equipment and tools for the maintenance work of a walk-in freezer, it is always recommended to have a professional commercial freezer expert come to your place and get a thorough inspection of your commercial refrigerator. 

Altura’s contractors have got your back in this regard. We are successfully providing maintenance services in Los Angeles, California. We not only provide walk in freezers installation services but also walk-in freezer preventive maintenance services so you may focus on your business rather than equipment upkeep. We provide you with a trustworthy commercial walk in freezer repair service that works around your schedule. 

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