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Alturas contractors is one of the most reputed commercial HVAC companies Los Angeles. Our team of highly professional and experienced HVAC technicians provides all types heating services and repairs.

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Heating installation and repair

Whether you are planning to install a new heater or are trying to replace your old one, our residential and commercial heating installation service can always help you with this. At Alturas Contractors, we offer a variety of heating systems that can function in the best way possible. We know that a well-made heater will be something that you can rely on for years to come, so we do our best to give you the best options.

As we know that a new heater can be a big investment so we will make sure that you get the right one for your property that too in your budget. Here at Alturas contractors we can review all of your options and help you decide which heater is best for you. We will give you the information you need about a gas heater, a propane heater, or a heat pump, so you can make the right choice.

Heat pumps installation

A lot of homeowners and businesses choose two units that are a heater and an air conditioner; they both are used at the appropriate time of year. Heat pumps can do the work of both an air conditioner and a heater simply set it to be one or the other. Generally, there are two types of heat pumps and those are air source heat pumps and Ground source heat pumps. In case you decide that a heat pump installation is right for you, give our experts at Alturas contractors a call. Alturas Contractors can help you choose the best heat pump for your lifestyle, size, and budget, and have it installed quickly

Heat pumps repair

Our technicians at Alturas Contractors are completely trained, friendly, and always ready to help. We can address heat pumps that freeze up, make strange noises, have blowers that won’t stop, or simply won’t heat. We service homes and businesses of all kinds and are always ready for a challenge.

A heat pump has two units: one indoor unit and one outdoor unit. We will assess both units. If we find something that needs fixed, we will use our advanced tools to do it quickly and professionally.

Why Alturas Contractors?

Boilers Installation and Repairs

Boiler installation

Nowadays, boilers come in all different types of materials that include copper, steel, or cast-iron and can feature numerous venting systems. No matter what kind of boiler installation you need, the professionals at Alturas Contractors can always help you in this cause. At Alturas Contractors, we have the tools and experienced technicians to complete your boiler installation.

We work very fast, friendly, and carefully to make sure that your boiler is properly installed and working efficiently. If you’re in need of a boiler replacement or are thinking about a boiler for the first time, give us a call or contact us today.

Boiler repair services

For years, residents and businesses are dependent on our friendly and knowledgeable staff for their plumbing, air conditioning, and heating needs. This also includes boiler repair services.

At Alturas Contractors, our technicians have a lot of experience to help you get your equipment back to normal.

Furnaces Installation & Repairs

Furnace installation Services

These days, furnaces come in many different sizes. They can also run on many different energy sources such as natural gas, electricity as well as oil. Which energy level you might choose totally depends on your lifestyle which also includes the size of your home or building, your energy source, your preferences, and more. Let the experts at Alturas Contractors help you with your residential and commercial furnace installation.

Furnace repair services

Today, many homeowners and businesses rely on furnaces to keep their space warm, but because of the reason that furnaces have moving parts, there is always the possibility that they could break or malfunction and cause you to call the experts at Alturas Contractors for a residential or commercial furnace repair.

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