Commercial Exhaust Fan Installation Services in Los Angeles

Exhaust Fan Installation

The simple exhaust fan rarely receives the respect it merits. Exhaust fans may significantly improve the comfort, health, and aesthetics of the spaces in which they are installed. Where there is a lack of ventilation or where extra spot ventilation is required, the fans provide the necessary ventilation.

Alturas Contractors offers Exhaust Fan installation Services for all industries. Our services are well-recognized across California for many years in the business.


Commercial Exhaust Fan Installation Los Angeles.

Commercial Exhaust Fans should be installed in manufacturing industries, food and beverage industries, and commercial kitchens.

It significantly improves air quality by eliminating odor, grease, smoke, moisture, heat and pollutants from the area before it gets mixed into the surroundings.

If you are looking for an affordable, on-demand commercial exhaust system installation service in Los Angeles, you can count on Alturas HVAC Specialists. Our professional and skilled technicians have been cleaning, repairing, maintaining and installing commercial exhaust and ventilation systems for a long time.

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Why Alturas Contractors?

Commercial Exhaust Fans for Restaurants

A Restaurant’s comfortable, refreshing and aromatic ambience plays a great role in attracting the customers and growing the business. As restaurant kitchens emit an incredible amount of heat, odor and grease during the cooking process, the area can be unbearably hot for the staff and the ambience can be badly affected.

This can be bothersome for the customers thereby badly affecting the business. That is why an effective kitchen exhaust fan is an integral part in a restaurant’s kitchen. An Exhaust fan functions to emit cooking residue and heat out of the area keeping the environment fresh and clean. 

Learn about Importance of ventilation system installation in Restaurants

You should have a restaurant exhaust fan installed appropriately to keep your commercial kitchen or restaurant operating efficiently.

They assist in removing smoke, oil, and smells, enhancing the general indoor air quality in both the kitchen and the dining sections of your restaurant.

Our professionals at Alturas Contractors can assist you in installing the ideal hood and exhaust fan for all of your needs, whether you need to replace your current restaurant exhaust fan or are putting up a new commercial kitchen. With a qualified installation crew, you may receive the lowest pricing and quick, free delivery.


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Types of Commercial Exhaust fans

  • Roof-mounted: Commercial exhaust fan roof mounted consists of an externally mounted motor, that is installed on the top of the roof, that pulls stale air out of the space. 
  • Wall mounted: Commercial exhaust fan wall mounted are installed in the wall. The fan uses a motor to turn its blades, which pull stale air out of the space. 

Types of Industrial Exhaust fan

  • Heavy duty industrial exhaust fan designed with heavy materials to operate longer, it  maintains steady cross ventilation , to meet industrial ambience requirements. 
  •  Industrial exhaust fan with a shutter is designed to meet a wide range of industrial requirements. It is one of the most popular wall exhaust fans used in industries. Due to its high-performance, It enables the operation with high pressure and low power consumption  
Commercial Exhaust Fan Installation Services in Los Angeles

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Installation Services

If you need to replace your restaurant’s old exhaust fan or you are setting up a new commercial kitchen, Alturas Contractors will help you install the right Hood and exhaust fan to cater your needs.Our HVAC specialists provide exhaust fan installation services for

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To ensure the safety of the space, it’s crucial to choose a professional for exhaust fan installation. Because a portion of the fan is concealed by the ceiling, improper placement is readily overlooked. 

Condensation on the wood might result in mold growth or wood damage if moisture from humid air seeps into the attic. If the operation is not carried out by a professional, all of the issues—leak stains, wood damage, mold, and mildew—that the enhanced ventilation prevents might get worse. In order to ensure safety and efficiency, the electrical wiring for fans must also be incorporated into your  electrical system. This takes specific knowledge.

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Commercial Exhaust Motor Installation Near You

As we all know, exhaust fans are crucial for maintaining air quality since they remove smoke, steam, odors, as well as oil and grease particles. The grease buildup inside the motors and fans of kitchen exhaust fans has the potential to seriously harm the complete exhaust fan system. At Alturas Contractors, we can quickly replace your old industrial exhaust fan motor with a new one after removing your old exhaust fan. Alturas Contractors offers on-site services to examine and repair the exhaust fan unit. We have expertise working with repairs of a variety of kitchen exhaust fans.

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Common FAQs about Exhaust Fan Installation


What are the precautionary measures Alturas HVAC Contractors take before installing the exhaust fan?

We carefully inspect the equipment before the installation. Then we select and prepare the site where the exhaust fan is to be installed. It should be preferably installed close to the area it would be functioning to avoid any twists in the ducts. The fan discharge should be away from the area. We make sure that the fan supports are strong enough to support the exhaust and the area around is cleared. Before installing, we disconnect the power for safety. 

What is the commercial exhaust fan installation cost?

Commercial Exhaust System Repair and Installation starts from 500$

How much CFM do I need for exhaust?

Usually, 1 CFM per square foot of the room area is required for the exhaust fan installation. To determine the square footage of your room, multiply the length times the width. For example, if your room is six feet wide and nine feet long, its square footage is 54. Therefore, it should have a fan rated for at least 54 ​CFM

What type of motor is in the exhaust fan?

Usually, commercial exhaust fan motors have a single-phase induction motor. 

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