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Walk in Cooler Installation Service provider in Los Angeles

Alturas Contractors offers new Walk in Cooler installation Services for all industries, including, restaurants, food and beverages industry, hospitals, and pharmacies. We are a one stop shop for installation of Commercial coolers and freezers. Our services are well-recognized across California for many years in the business.


Alturas’ trained staff are experts in all types of professional refrigeration equipment installation. From commercial walk-in coolers to all sorts of refrigeration installation, we have got you covered. 

Our experts can help you out with everything related to walk in water coolers including:

  • Installation of a walk-in cooler evaporator
  • Installation of a walk-in cooler roof membrane
  • LED lighting for walk-in and reach-in coolers
  • Installation of a walk-in cooler door
  • Walk-in Cooler Locks
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Benefits of Walk in Cooler Vs Reach-In for Restaurants

Why Alturas Contractors?

Competitive Pricing for Walk in Cooler Services

We will match or beat any price that any other local service provider is offering, and with better service quality and satisfaction guarantee. Get in touch today and see us do it.


Walk in Coolers Installation

Same as any refrigeration system, walk-ins have an evaporator installed inside them and a condenser outside the unit in order to keep moving heat outside and store cooling inside. Refrigeration installation can look like a hectic task, but with the right team of professionals, it can become quite easy for you. Alturas Contractors can be your go-to place for all of your HVAC solutions so for the refrigeration solutions as well you can count on us.

The cherry on top, Alturas Contractors also provides “Pre-manufactured” as well as “customized” walk-in coolers installation service. To meet all your needs, our highly professional staff has gained experience in manufacturing all kinds of refrigerators with their installation.

Pre-manufactured walk in cooler installation:

All of the standards for commercial walk-in coolers are met by our pre-manufactured walk-in coolers. It has sturdy locking panels that allow the boxes to expand when more space is needed. Commercial walk-in cooler installation and box costs are less than customized walk-in cooler installation and box costs.

Custom-Built walk-in cooler installation:

Typically made with structural tiles on walls and floors, this one is made and installed according to our customer’s needs. In addition to walk-in cooler installation, we also offer walk-in cooler repair and commercial cooling maintenance.

Get in touch with a professional walk-in cooler installation company.

From choosing a low-cost commercial refrigerator to installing it with a focus on quality and attention to detail, we’ve got you covered.

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Common FAQs About Walk In Coolers Installation

How Much Does a Walk-in Cooler Cost?

The average price of a walk in cooler is about $15,000.

What Temperature Should a Walk in Cooler Be?

For walk-in coolers, it’s best practice to set the temperature in the 35-38°F range. However, be careful to not let the temperature get too cold. If the temperature drops below 34°F, products might begin to freeze.

Does a Walk-in Cooler Need a Floor?

Insulated floors are required if walk-in coolers are over a crawl space, basement, or above the first floor of a building. Because warm air circulates under the unit, insulated flooring reduces the condensation that can form between the unit and the underlying structure.

Here’s Why Alturas Contractors is the first choice for all HVAC services of Los Angeles‘ local businesses.

  • 24/7 Emergency hvac Services
  • Over 10+ years of industry experience
  • Competitive / affordable Pricing
  • Specialize in Commercial HVAC
  • Licensed & Certified Local Contractors
  • Quality and Service Guarantee

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