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HVAC Services for Office Buildings

Alturas contractors offer repair and installation of HVAC systems in Commercial buildings. Due to our experience in commercial HVAC repair and maintenance, our technicians are familiar with HVAC requirements for corporate office spaces.

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Office Hvac systems Repair and Installation

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In recent years corporate office space has transformed completely. These office spaces usually include a ring of many private offices around the perimeter of that space, with many cubical farms occupying the center. As of today, a lot of companies have an open office plan, which demands different considerations for all HVAC system designs. A lot of those perimeter offices are vanishing, because companies want space that takes advantage of natural light. 

HVAC for office building has specific requirements and needs to be compliant with Fire protection standards and energy efficient HVAC guidelines.

Weather its Installation of central ac for office or preventive maintenance for office HVAC systems, our technicians will get the job done, keeping in mind the energy conservation principles.

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Office Heating and Cooling systems

Corporate office buildings have transformed over the years. The cubicles are now being replaced with workspaces that are designed for certain types of activity, for instance, pods for quiet concentration and team lounges for collaboration. How does all this change impact HVAC system design? Read on for some important strategies.

HVAC system design strategies for better comfort in an office space

Listed down down below are some very important strategies that must be taken into consideration even before you build a space, else you will end up needing to expand even more than you should ever have before.

Designing the Space to Reduce HVAC Cooling Loads

Many of the office buildings have HVAC systems that consume a larger percentage of energy than they should have. So it is very important to consider mapping out the proper design for all of the air conditioning and heating systems before you renovate or build any new space for your office.

Here are some tips that we would do for you:

  • We can install better insulation in the walls and floors of your office spaces. 
  • We will include more daylight exposure for workplace health and well-being.
  • We can use tinted Low-E windows to avoid solar heat gain.
  • Creating Zones for Increased Comfort
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Keep in mind that the HVAC system design in your office should always include several independently controlled zones within your office space. This will create a much more comfortable environment and it will also promote energy efficiency.

Here are some examples from one of the AC repair technicians:

  • All the perimeter areas should be controlled separately because they are more likely to be affected by weather than other interior spaces.
  • All the computers and server rooms and other spaces that might have a special need for temperature control should also be controlled separately.
  • All those areas where people tend to gather, such as conference or meeting rooms, need more cooling when in use to create a comfortable environment for all the employees.

Addressing Indoor Ventilation

It is very important to control humidity as it removes stale odors and removes airborne particles and other contaminants such as dust and bacteria from your indoor air. Otherwise, they can cause some serious health issues. If good indoor air quality is maintained throughout the day, it is more likely to increase workforce productivity and lessen the demand put on the HVAC system.

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