Los Angeles HVAC Services for Auto Repair Shops

HVAC Services for Automotive industry

Alturas contractors specializes in repair and installation of automotive HVAC systems. Due to our vast experience in HVAC repair and maintenance, our technicians are familiar with Automotive HVAC design standards. Hence we are proudly Los Angeles’s first choice for HVAC systems in car garages, auto repair shops, and car paint shops.

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HVAC systems in automotive industry

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An HVAC solution for automotive industries such as car garages, repair shops, etc. usually involves a combination of ventilation and commercial heating technologies in order to meet industry requirements, while they also help in providing good indoor air quality and comfort for your employees and every person present in those premises.

Keep in mind that Automotive HVAC systems for transportation facilities, such as auto part centers or commercial garages, have even more complicated methodologies in ventilation and heating systems designs in order to meet national and company standards.

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Automotive industry HVAC Services

Choosing the right HVAC solution for automotive industry

In case you need to discharge existing indoor air that is there in your garage or automotive facility, our make-up air unit can be the best choice. This is especially designed to “make up” air in an interior space, these units are designed for situations that require frequent replacement of the indoor air, such as commercial garage ventilation applications. Moreover, make-up air HVAC solutions sucks in the fresh, tempered air from the outside environment of your transportation building or commercial garage in order to replace existing air that cannot be recirculated. These solutions are very advantageous in buildings where environmental conditions demand a greater need for ventilation just for the reason to improve the quality of air within the building and protect the health of those present inside the premises.

Discharging bad air with a lot of chemically mixed fumes from commercial & industrial space is very important to save one’s health. Properly installed ventilation systems will provide fresh, warm air flowing throughout the building which reduces higher ceiling temperatures and uncomfortable drafts. The S-Series Heater utilizes 100% fresh air to reduce contaminants generated within the building. This practically reduces air quality problems associated with infrared heaters or conventional air heating systems that just recirculate indoor air.

Alturas Contractor provides heating, ventilation & cooling systems for your automotive industries

Alturas Contractors helps in the installation and repairs of some best commercial and industrial heating solutions, ventilation systems and cooling solutions for transportation buildings and commercial garages across the country. Our team of experts are committed to providing the highest quality automotive HVAC systems for your automotive industries.

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