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Hospital building HVAC System Installation & Repair

Alturas contractors specializes in repair and installation of hospital systems. Due to our vast experience in commercial HVAC repair and maintenance, our technicians are familiar with requirements of healthcare HVAC design standards. Hence we are proudly Los Angeles’s first choice for all types of hospital building HVAC services and maintenance. 

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Importance of HVAC System in Hospital buildings

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HVAC systems play a very important role in hospitals, they not only maintain comfortable climate conditions of temperature and humidity control, but they also maintain a clean, germ-free environment to contribute to the well-being of every patient and help in preventing the spread of disease.

All these controlling factors mean that the design of air conditioning systems for the hospital sector must consider a series of characteristics that are also very important in other sectors, but they must be given special attention in this sector.

Specific requirements of Hospital building hvac demands compliance with air quality standards. Therefore, only licensed technicians for healthcare hvac repair and installations can do it efficiently. 

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Special Requirements for Hospital HVAC Systems

Only experience and qualified HVAC technicians can figure out the equation to optimize the safety and effectiveness of medical centers. It is satisfying to know that working as an HVAC technician in a hospital and working to maintain the best practices, maintenance, and operation for hospital HVAC systems may result in saving lives.

Some of the special HVAC equipment and procedures found in hospitals include those necessary for “clean room” applications such as:

  • HEPA filtration systems
  • Recirculating air ceiling systems for operating rooms
  • Special ventilation system with the help of filter fan units, fiber filters, and quiet air-mixing systems
  • Wall heating and cooling units that are built into the walls of a hospital
  • Static cooling systems that provide cooling without moving air anywhere
  • Adaptable multiplex air-jet outlet systems that focus on airflow exactly to required locations in a room

These are just a few examples of the special equipment installed in hospitals. Our technicians at Alturas HVAC have a proper HVAC certification and know-how to install, maintain, and upgrade this type of equipment as part of specialized training in hospital HVAC systems.

How are Hospitals Dependent on Proper Hospital HVAC Systems?

Every hospital requires a proper and fully functional HVAC system to stay active. This is particularly true for places like a cleanroom or an operating room. Air exchange, humidity, pressure, and temperature have to be accurate and adjustable in such environments to reduce the risk of infection in your patients.

Nevertheless, even outside of the operating room, HVAC systems are required to not only keep high IAQ levels but also to maintain certain temperatures in order to minimize bacterial growth all through the hospital. And as we all know that hospitals have to run 24/7 which leads to huge levels of energy utilization.

In case a hospital HVAC system breaks down due to any reason, the whole hospital tends to shut down for many hours. Surgical procedures get delayed, and other emergencies tend to be rerouted to other hospitals. No hospital can function without an HVAC system. Downtime is simply not an option when it comes to hospitals. Hospital HVAC repair and preventative maintenance to avoid downtime are very essential. Choosing a commercial HVAC partner you can trust pays dividends every day a hospital is operational.

Alturas Contractors provides quality commercial HVAC and energy services to many other industries as well as hospitals. Hence local hospitals around Los Angeles trust Alturas contractors to keep their HVAC systems at peak performance. 

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