Los Angeles HVAC Services for Apartment Buildings

HVAC Services for Apartments Buildings and Highrise Units

Alturas contractors specializes in repair and installation of HVAC systems in apartment buildings and residential high-rise units. Due to our vast experience in commercial HVAC repair and maintenance, our technicians are familiar with HVAC design standards for such buildings. Hence we are proudly Los Angeles’s first choice for all types of services for apartment HVAC, in compliance with fire protection and safety codes. 

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    Why Alturas Contractors?

    Apartment Building HVAC Repair and installation

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    Alturas HVAC has specific expertise in dealing with apartment building air conditioning and heating systems. Nothing like the systems that are there in a detached home, the apartment building HVAC systems tend to perform at maximum productivity to effectively cool or heat a large number of living spaces such as housing numerous residents in a single building.

    Due to complexity and specific requirements of Apartment buildings, compliance with local regulations and code compliance is required. Therefore, only licensed technicians for residential building’s HVAC repair and installations can do it efficiently.

    Most of these high-rise buildings like condominiums, offices, and apartment buildings use Water Cooled AC Systems. Let’s understand HVAC specifics in detail below.

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    Heating and Cooling in Residential apartment Building

    Water-Cooled Air-Conditioning Systems

    So the most common and cost-effective unit for your apartment buildings is known as a water-cooled or chiller boiler system. This kind of HVAC system combines the chiller, boiler, pumps, and controls all into a single package for the sake of simple installation and maintenance. As an alternative to each unit having its own heat pump, a water-cooled system has a cooling tower that cools water that serves all units in a single building.

    Water-Cooled Air-Conditioning System Maintenance

    Maintenance and inspection of water-cooled systems is very essential but complicated because the cooling tower is installed on the roof, and it usually holds thousands of gallons of water. If anything goes wrong, it can create a very big problem. Our highly skilled team at Alturas Contractors inspects water-cooled air-conditioning systems every six months to make sure that everything is working perfectly.

    How to choose the best HVAC system for your apartment buildings

    There are many factors that you must consider while selecting the best apartment HVAC systems

    • One of the most important and first considerations is cost. You may have a budget in mind to follow. Make sure to choose a heating and cooling system that helps you to stay within your budget.
    • Select the size of the HVAC system that works for the whole building. Always remember that It will be wasteful if you install a heating and cooling system that is too big or too small for your space. Also, improper sizing of your HVAC system can result in it breaking down sooner than it should. So hiring a certified technician from Alturas HVAC can help you in this cause.
    • Lastly, you’ll want to make sure your HVAC setup is energy efficient. The initial higher cost pales in comparison to the amount of money you’ll save by choosing an HVAC system that maximizes efficiency. Factoring in a lifetime of savings makes it easier to buy a more expensive system outright
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