Signs your Commercial Walk in Cooler needs repair

Signs your Commercial Walk in Cooler needs repair

A walk-in cooler plays a significant role in the food or restaurant industry. Walk-in coolers or freezers are the heart and soul of a professional kitchen as they can keep food at an optimum temperature to maintain the quality of the food quality.  An underperforming walk-in cooler can be havoc, especially in the summer months in Los Angeles. It can risk the food inventory leading to contamination and food going bad, therefore negatively impacting your business. 

To save yourself from this nuisance, regular maintenance and inspection are a must. Knowing the warning signs that reveal your commercial walk in cooler needs repair can save you a lot of trouble. Call Alturas commercial walk-in cooler repair service in Los Angeles if you witness any of the signs mentioned below. 

Common Commercial Walk in Cooler Problems

Signs your Commercial Walk in Cooler needs repair

Frost Buildup

Excessive ice buildup is caused by fluctuating temperatures inside the cooler. As fluctuating temperatures mean inventory is melting and then refreezing, it can compromise the food items inside. Ice buildup on the evaporator coil, air ventilation, or drain pipe is also alarming and can be threatening to your food inventory. Call Alturas HVAC repair service right away for an emergency walk-in cooler repair. Our technicians will inspect the walk-in cooler humidity levels and door gaskets and will come up with a solution to save you from future inconvenience. 

Water Leakage

Another tell-tale sign that you need to call a professional cooler repair company is when you notice water leakage in the walk-in cooler. Leaking water often stems from a bad unit installation, old or damaged or worn-out inner sealing, or faulty insulation. This will boost your utility bills as the compressor is forced to work harder to maintain the inner temperature. Ignoring the issue can further aggravate the situation as it can increase the chances of mold build-up inside the walk-in cooler. No matter the cause, this sign is an indication that you need to call a commercial cooler repair service. 

Temperature Fluctuations

Inconsistent temperatures are a clear sign that your walk-in cooler is not functioning properly. A fluctuating temperature can be threatening to the food as it can spoil it.  It can further compromise the health of your customers and put your business at risk. Many commercial walk-ins have a temperature monitoring system that can let you know when it’s time to schedule cooler maintenance. If you or an employee notice temperature fluctuations, act fast. Check the cooler’s thermostat to ensure it wasn’t set higher on accident. If the temperature is set below 40, call Alturas technician in to check the cooler. Our HVAC technicians will identify the issue and resolve it as soon as possible.

Strange sounds

The mild humming sound that comes from a commercial walk-in cooler is pretty normal and indicates that the unit’s motor is running. However, if that humming sound becomes too loud, or you also hear a squealing, knocking, or scraping noise,  it’s a warning that something’s about to go wrong. Call for commercial cooler repair service right away. They will detect either something is wrong with the motor already or could be very soon. 

A burning or smoke smell

If you experience any pungent burning,  smoke smell, or a distinct, unpleasant odor turn off your cooler and call Alturas HVAC specialists immediately for an emergency cooler repair. This odor usually indicates a refrigerant leak or a temperature issue that’s causing your food to spoil.  However, if the odor is more like chemicals or gas inside the walk-in, it’s likely a coolant leak. Call a commercial walk-in repair service in Los Angeles right away before the issue escalates.

Worn-out hinges or door sealing

Any tear in the gaskets or broken or misaligned door hinges and latches can cause cold air to escape and warm air from outside to seep into the refrigerator. It can compromise the food and cause an excessive load on the refrigerator’s compressor to maintain the optimum temperature. Replacing a few parts of your walk-in commercial cooler can bring a drastic change in the performance and look of the cooler. Alturas Walk-in cooler repair and maintenance service provide parts repair and replacement services to customers. 

Walk-in Cooler Replacement Cost

Signs your Commercial Walk in Cooler needs repair

A walk-in cooler installation typically costs around $1,000-$4,000.

It’s imperative that if you notice any of the above mentioned signs, you call Alturas walk-in cooler repair service. Our skilled HVAC service providers are available 24/7. We are experts in various types of commercial cooler repair and maintenance services. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your HVAC equipment, diagnose the issue and rectify it. 

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