Commercial Ice Machine Cleaning Tips

Commercial Ice Machine Cleaning Tips

Commercial ice machines are essential appliances in various business settings, including restaurants, bars, hotels, and more. Proper cleaning and maintenance are crucial to ensure the equipment functions efficiently and produces high-quality ice. Neglecting regular cleaning can lead to bacterial growth, mineral deposits, and compromised ice quality, which can adversely impact customer satisfaction and business revenue. In this article we have shared a few Commercial Ice Machine Cleaning Tips, keep reading to find out more

How to Clean Commercial Ice Machine?

Commercial Ice Machine Cleaning Tips

Lets find out how to clean a commercial ice machine in detail below:

Unplug Your Ice Machine and Drain Water

Turn off the power supply and Drain Water. All ice must be removed before the cleaning and sanitizing process. Make sure the appliance is unplugged before you begin to clean your ice machine. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes for any ice to fall into the storage bin.

Remove and Clean Removable Ice Machine Parts

Once the ice falls,  remove the ice.  Remove the drain cap and drain the remaining water out of the appliance. Allow the unit to sit for 5 minutes to make sure that all the water has drained. Then replace the drain cap.

Press the “clean” or “wash” button, water will flow across the water dump valve and down the drain. Wait until the water trough refills and the display shows an indication to add chemicals. This typically takes at least 1 minute.

Add ice-machine cleaner

Use the recommended amount of ice-machine cleaner as stated in the manual. Wait until the cleaning cycle is complete. The cleaning cycle typically lasts for around 20 minutes. Before cleaning, remove the internal components from your ice machine.  refer to your machine’s manual to remove it properly.

Clean the replaceable components of ice-machine 

Dilute the mix of cleaning solution with lukewarm water. Refer to your machine’s manual to know the appropriate amount of solution.  Depending on the amount of mineral buildup, you may need to add the cleaner.

Remove the replaceable components of your ice machine. Dilute water into the cleaner mixture and clean the components. Usually, the solution starts to foam once they come in contact with lime and mineral deposits. Wait for a few seconds until the foaming stops, use a soft-bristle nylon brush, sponge, or cloth to carefully clean all parts

Wipe the interior of ice-maker

Once all the components have been removed, wipe the interior of the ice maker including all the food zone surfaces of the ice machine.  Use a soft cloth and warm soapy water, to thoroughly clean areas like side walls, base, evaporator plastic parts, and the bin or dispenser. 

If you notice hard water mineral buildup in the interior of your ice machine, use a soft-bristle toothbrush or a baking soda and water solution to remove it. Do not use abrasive cleaners, hard-bristled brushes, or sharp-edged scrapers. This can damage the interior’s plastic lining.

Rinse the components with clean water

Once you’ve cleaned the inner surface, make sure to rinse all areas and components with clean water. This will remove chemicals and prevent ice from becoming contaminated. For this purpose, use a soft, damp cloth to rinse. Then wipe down the interior with a soft, dry towel. Replace removed interior parts once they are completely dry.  

How to Clean the Exterior of an Ice Maker

Below, are the tips for how to clean the outside of your commercial ice maker.

  • Inspect immediate surroundings to ensure your ice machine operates cleanly and efficiently.
  • Wipe surfaces with the cleaning materials like a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt from the outside of the ice machine. 
  • Clean any grease that remains after cleaning, use a damp cloth rinsed in a mild dish soap and water solution. See your machine’s manual for restrictions. 
  • Do not use ammonia or citrus-based cleaners, steel wool, paper towels,  or abrasive cleaners on stainless steel surfaces, exterior panels, and plastic trim.

How to Sanitise a Commercial Ice Machine

Sanitizing the ice machine is a crucial step to minimize the presence of germs and harmful pathogens. Follow these steps to sanitize your commercial ice machine:

Prepare the Sanitizing Solution

  • Mix a solution of sanitizer by combining 3 gallons of lukewarm water with 2 oz of sanitizer solution.
  • Use a spray bottle to liberally spray the solution onto all surfaces of the removed parts, or soak the parts in the solution.

Sanitize the Removed Parts and Interior Surfaces

  • Apply half of the solution to sanitize the previously removed parts.
  • Use the remaining solution to sanitize the inner walls of the ice machine, ice bin, and other surfaces.
  • Reassemble and replace the sanitized parts.

Activate the Cleaning Cycle

  • After 20 minutes, turn on the power supply by pressing the clean button.
  • Wait until the display indicates that the water troughs have refilled.
  • Add the appropriate amount of sanitizer to the water trough as specified in the manual.
  • Set the machine to automatically start making ice once the sanitizing cycle is complete.
  • Discard the first batch of ice produced after cleaning and sanitizing

How to Clean an Ice Machine Condenser and Filter

Commercial Ice Machine Cleaning Tips

Like the other components of your ice maker, the condenser and filters should also be cleaned once every six months. Follow these steps to clean the condenser of your ice maker:

  • Turn off the power
  • Shine a flashlight through the condenser to check for dirt between the fins.
  • Blow compressed air through the condenser and filter to remove any dirt in the filter. You can also rinse it with warm water. 
  • check to see if any remains once you’ve gone through the process of identifying and removing dirt,  If the dirt is still present we recommend that you contact Alturas HVAC service technicians. 

Now you’re ready to enjoy a clean appliance and great-tasting ice! Repeat this cleaning process every nine months or sooner if your clean indicator light turns yellow or you notice your ice tasting “off.”

Contact Alturas for Commercial Ice Machine cleaning

Following the steps religiously ensures that your equipment is safe for your customers. It is recommended to clean the ice machines about once every 9 months, or more frequently if you live in an area with hard water or high humidity. 

Ice machine is an extremely important equipment to your business. Its quality can make or break a customer’s experience. If you don’t feel comfortable maintaining and repairing an ice maker yourself, it’s time to call in the experts. We at Alturas Contractors are determined to satisfy our clients and repair your HVAC equipment

Our HVAC technicians are experts in providing commercial ice-machine repair and maintenance services in Los Angeles.  We are available 24/7 and ensure the equipment’s long-lasting functioning. 


Why It’s Important to Clean an Ice Maker?

The FDA defines ice as a food, which means it must be handled and cared for in the same manner as other food products. Any part of your ice machine that has contact with water can develop scale, slime, or mold at any time, which will contaminate your ice and potentially harm your customers.

Which is best commercial ice machine cleaner?

Affresh Ice Machine Cleaner is suggested as the best commercial ice machine cleaner overall.

How often should a commercial ice machine be cleaned?

The commercial ice machine cleaning schedule may vary. The simple answer is that your commercial ice machine needs to be cleaned at least once every six months. However, depending on the type of ice machine and its location, it may need deep cleaning every three months

How long does it take to clean a commercial ice machine?

After removing all the existing ice and thawing the machine, a complete cleaning should take at least an hour.

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