Importance of Commercial Blast Freezer

Importance of Commercial Blast Freezer

A commercial blast freezer uses a special kind of mechanism that works by using air blast freezing for very quick freezing of food and it also helps in keeping the fresh produce at extremely low temperatures of -18°C to -45°C. This kind of extreme freezing disrupts the formation as well as the growth of harmful microorganisms that are there in the food just by neutralizing them.

The blast chilling is an excellent way of making sure that the food products are not kept at room temperature. The blast freezers have gained a lot of popularity over the years. As we know that the freezer market is expanding globally, and many businesses have realized the significance and benefits of blast freezing. So the demand for freshly frozen foods is rising every other day, even the smaller & more local companies are feeling the effects of the rapid expansion of their market.

The food waste can significantly decrease with the help of blast freezers. These appliances can prove to be the best choices for keeping the food in a clean and hygienic environment. All the unique flavor and freshness of the food products can be preserved with the help of the blast freezers.

What are the main advantages of a Commercial blast freezer?

Blast freezers are considered the most suitable option for a lot of industries. It can be the most impressive equipment when we talk about its advantages. Blast freezers can dramatically increase your profitability by having a positive impact on the quality of your food.

Let us see some of the advantages of the blast freezers below.

Lowering Waste

Blast freezers can prove to be one of the best equipment when we talk about lowering waste. In blast freezers, food spoilage is kept to a lease due to the low-temperature setting while freezing. Also, all the products are always kept at a safe temperature that is -18°C due to consistent temperature control.


The quick decrease in temperatures in the blast chillers makes it possible to thwart the reproduction of microorganisms that can be on your freshly prepared foods.


Due to the speedy decrease in temperature, it would be easy to maintain humidity levels in food as well as it would prevent common bacterial growth. The blast chillers are also considered a great choice when it comes to preserving fresh and raw foods for instance fish, crustaceans, vegetables, bread, and semi-finished products such as fresh pasta and sauces.

Work optimization

Blast chillers also help in letting large quantities of food to be prepared which, after being chilled, can be used over a period of 5 to 7 days. Proper planning helps a lot in improving the way in which raw materials are basically purchased, the organization of work in the kitchen as well as the variety of food that is there on the menu.

Saving time

The easy operation that is of food regeneration would make it possible to serve a large variety of dishes in a very brief time period. The blast chillers also help in increasing the production capacity while reducing personnel costs, with extraordinary benefits of productivity as well as time.

Bacterial Prevention and Control

Meat, fish, and poultry all of these products can have a large number of bacteria on them, these bacteria can be Escherichia coli and Salmonella when they are fresh and in raw form. These bacteria can multiply and propagate drastically quickly in just a few days if they are left in unsuitable conditions that are not in their favor. However, they can be controlled and destroyed if the correct freezing and cooking methods are used. One of the biggest benefits of blast freezers is that they have the ability to freeze several tons of products in as little as 24 hours. This super-fast process always makes sure that the bacteria has minimal time to develop and that it keeps on producing fresh products in a large quantity.

As a rule of thumb, you should make sure that meat, fish, and poultry are stored at around -18 °C (equivalent to 0 °F) or colder. At this temperature, bacteria cannot grow, and you can be sure that your product is safer for consumers once it is in their hands.

Nutritional Health

Another amazing benefit of the blast freezer is that it can help in preserving all the nutrients in the food. The fast and instant freezing process of the blast freezer would provide benefits to both the consumer as well as the business, as it effectively stops rapid nutrient deterioration. Any other slower freezing process would still allow for unwanted changes in the product and could result in bland, unhealthy food being consumed by the public. Nutritional health holds a lot of importance if all the stored food is intended for schools or even hospitals. Young children and those who are considered vulnerable are particularly reliant on nutrient-dense foodstuffs and that is why the nutrient preserving properties of a blast freezer are so beneficial.

Blast freezers can also be used to retain nutrients in all the already cooked meals, making them an important asset to have as the demand for healthier frozen goods grows across the globe.


Large quantities of food can be cooled and frozen by using these blast freezers a lot quicker than normal freezers. Blast freezers are cost and time-efficient. This process would also help in preventing the quick spread of bacteria and thus it keeps the food fresher and safer for a lot more time.

Smaller ice crystals

With the blast freezers, the formation of ice crystals would be a smaller blast, whereas it still improves the quality of all the products that are stored in it. This will not only improve how long products can be stored but the lower cost for your commercial catering industry. This can be greatly significant for your business and blast freezing will always make sure that the freshness of products and goods is maintained for longer periods of time. This would also add to the success of your business and allow you to focus on improving other parts at the same time.

Benefits of a Walk-in Blast Freezer

A Walk in a Cold Room can be important for many industries. No matter where you work, whether it is in the catering, dairy, meat, and fish, or retail industry if you invest in cold storage it can be of a lot of help and assist in the process of increasing efficiency within your business. All these walk-in freezers help in providing the perfect access as well as enough storage space. They are considered very good for large turnover businesses that mostly focus on stock rotation and preserving the integrity of their products.

Walk-in commercial blast Freezers are generally used to store consumable products for many months or even for years. A lot of these Walk-in Freezers are specifically designed in such a way that they can boost stock longevity, preserving stock through even temperature control. The most important focus is to minimize temperature fluctuations that may occur in other stores, even minimal changes can damage or make stock unsuitable.

Walk-in commercial blast Freezer help in offering a vast range of benefits, let’s look at some of the advantages of walk-in freezers in detail.

Expanding storage capacity

No matter wherever you work whether you work within the restaurant or even in the catering industry or the retail industry, having extra storage is never a bad idea and it can always be valuable for almost all of you. For instance, during busy and festive days such as Christmas when you may be required to increase storage space in order to meet customer demand, having backup storage can be useful. Walk-in chillers help in allowing a lot of industries to store a wide range of products and open to many new opportunities which could positively affect business sales. Not only all this extra storage can be used to store long-life products, but it can also be used to test out new products for a shorter-term purpose.

A walk-in commercial blast freezer can help in providing extra storage to all the industries that are either external or internal. This is an additional benefit for all those companies that are basically restricted on space, as products can be placed externally. Placing chillers at a convenient location in such a way that they can suit the needs of your industry would allow you to expand on other existing spaces within your grounds.

A better Access

As these cold rooms are basically required for everyday use within the catering services, retail industries always ensure that there is easy access is important. The improved access of the walk-in chiller would allow a lot of these companies to get the maximum benefit from an increase in storage, enhanced productivity, and efficiency as products can be easily accessed by any staff member.

Stock rotation

Thinking about ways to minimize cost can be a challenging process, however, walking in freezers can help in reducing cost. For instance, walk-in freezers can be used in order to store a large number of products for the whole year round whereas it also focuses on stock rotation.

Commercial Blast freezer also allow industries to make sure that they do not have foods past their use-by date, therefore complying with health and safety regulations. This Keeps products at an optimum level and attractive to consumers and can avoid a loss of waste and assist in increasing profit margins.

Why Invest in a Commercial Blast Freezer? 

In case you are thinking about expanding the amount of stock you hold that too very quickly and without any fuss, then investing in a commercial blast freezer would be the perfect choice for your company no matter what kind of business it is. With all that easy setup and no prior planning permission required, you can start blast freezing new products within days, and you can also make sure a plentiful supply of stock and give your customers a wider product selection. Portable blast freezers can be purchased or even rented simply for the added ease in management even if your unit is stationary for longer periods of time.

Blast freezers can be used by food distributors and caterers in order to preserve products that have to be transported to other areas. On the other hand, a commercial blast freezer can also be used as a static storage solution for all your products. They are widely available in a range of sizes so that they can cater to the needs of different businesses, and they would also offer the benefit of portability. Investing or renting the right blast freezer over a number of months is a more cost-effective solution as compared to building an external cold store. Otherwise, they can be rented over set periods of time if your organization’s needs are only temporary.

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