Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Checklist for Restaurants

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Checklist for Restaurants (1)

The festive season of Los Angeles is around the corner, and you are gearing up to host customers and offer them scrumptious bites in your fancy restaurant, but a misfortune happens, and your commercial refrigerator starts to malfunction To save yourself from this tragic happening that leads to the ruin of your plan, it is always best to perform some preventive measures to ensure their high-level functionality for your commercial refrigeration.

Your refrigerator is a significant financial investment for your business. Repeatedly facing the problem of appliance failure and replacing them with a new one can cost you an arm and a leg. However, it is not a problem anymore as we have got you covered by our team of Experts at Alturas Contractors in Los Angeles, who are just a call away to provide you with walk-in repair and routine inspection services for your commercial refrigerators at your door-step and to ensure that your refrigerators are in the best shape possible.

This article will share an important preventive maintenance checklist for your commercial refrigerators that can help you to inspect your refrigerator yourself before calling for repair service.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Checklist

Monitor the temperature

Keeping an eye on the temperature controls and defrosting settings is vital to ensure the appliance’s optimum performance level. Too high temperatures can cause bacteria growth that can lead food to spoil, compromising the public’s health. Too low-temperature settings or defrosting more than is required can cause your appliance to work harder than usual, decreasing the overall life expectancy of the appliance.

Thorough Internal and External Cleaning

A thorough Internal and External Cleaning of the refrigerator every now and then is an important preventive maintenance tip to increase the refrigerator’s life span. Blockage by debris can cause a strain on the unit, causing the appliance to overheat, increase power consumption and run inefficiently. Deep-cleaning your refrigerator often is the solution. 

Use a soft brush or a vinegar solution, then scrub the shelves and compartments with warm water. Cleaning the interior and exterior of the refrigerator with some mild solution will prevent scratches. Never use steel wool, bleach, abrasive scrubbers, or harsh chemicals on the surfaces. Ice-makers should be cleaned at regular intervals to avoid any mold contamination. Once in a while, a thorough cleaning will also let you figure out any leakage or damage. 

Clean condenser and evaporator coil

Cleaning the coils regularly is an essential part of your commercial refrigeration preventive maintenance checklist. Condenser and evaporator coils are located near the unit condenser. It emits heat outside that is generated by the refrigerator. A build-up of dirt and debris, if the refrigerator is placed near air fryers or stove obstructs the flow of heat through the coils. It affects the performance of the refrigerator causing overheating and compressor failure.

Coils can be cleaned with a commercial condenser coil cleaner, an air compressor or you can refer to the appliance manual that contains the degreasing tips of the coil. It is also recommended to get it done by a refrigerator service specialist to avoid any damage to sensitive coil fins..

Inspect the gaskets and hinges

Inspecting the gaskets for any cracks, gaps or tears in a commercial  refrigerator from time to time is inevitable. You can check by inserting a dollar bill and closing the door. If the dollar bill comes out without any resistance, it is an indication that your refrigerator’s door is not sealed properly. 

Any tear in the gaskets or broken or misaligned door hinges and latches can cause cold air to escape and warm air from outside to seep into the refrigerator resulting in load on the refrigerator’s compressor to maintain the optimum temperature. In order to avoid this inconvenience, gasket needs to be checked and door hinges should also be lubricated time to time to ensure tight seal of the refrigerator’s doors. 

Clean Air filters and fan blades

Dirt and grease from kitchen fryers and stove can accumulate on the fan blades in a commercial refrigerator, thereby hindering the air ventilation  and slowing down the motor.  Degreasing solution should be used to eliminate the grease every now and then. If you notice splits in your debris then you may have to change the air filter. 

Clean the drain lines

Drain lines are one of the most overlooked areas in the refrigerator that demands regular maintenance. Commercial refrigerators drain lines get clogged every now and then due to slime and clag. If the drain pipe  overflows, it emits a pungent smell all across the kitchen causing embarrassment in the presence of the customers in a restaurant.

Cleaning the pan regularly is inevitable to maintain the performance of the refrigerator and avoid any significant blockage. It is recommended to get the drain pipes cleaned by a service technician who  uses specialised equipment. 

Keep the Unit dry

Accumulation of moisture inside the shelves or the reach in units can cause your refrigerator to freeze up over time, thereby inhibiting its overall performance. Make sure to wipe off any spills or water in the unit regularly. 

Commercial Refrigeration Installation Tips

Professional Maintenance

If you don’t have proper equipment and tools for the maintenance work of a refrigerator, it is always recommended to have a professional commercial refrigeration expert come to your place and get a thorough inspection of your commercial refrigerator.

Althura’s Contractor’s has got your back in this regard. We are successfully providing their maintenance services in Los Angeles and California. We offer not only design and installation, but also refrigeration maintenance services so you may focus on your business rather than equipment upkeep. We provide you a trust-worthy walk-in refrigerator repair service that works around your schedule. 

Following the above Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Checklist regularly will ensure many years of uninterrupted commercial appliance usage and guarantee improved appliance performance.

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