How To Choose The Best Commercial Refrigerator?

best commercial refrigerator

It is important for every commercial kitchen to keep its food fresh. Whether you are running a restaurant, a cozy cafe, or a well-stocked supermarket, choosing the best commercial refrigerator for your business can be difficult with so many options available.
This guide will help you with the knowledge and insight to find the right refrigeration system for your specific needs.

What is a Commercial Refrigerator?

Commercial Refrigerators are built to withstand the demands of high-volume kitchen environments. They offer superior durability and efficient operations. They are designed to maximize food safety and organization. With their diverse types, sizes and functionalities, choosing the best commercial refrigerator is not a one-size-filts-all decision. Each commercial refrigerator comes with its own set of features and specifications, catering to different needs and preferences. 

Types of Commercial Refrigerators

Commercial refrigerators come in various sizes and serve different purposes. Some commercial refrigeration units are designed for back-of-house operations, while others are designed for customer-facing areas. Some refrigerators may not be suitable for places with limited space. Here is a brief overview of different types of commercial refrigerators:


Reach-ins are the backbones of many kitchens. These units offer storage of bulk ingredients and prepped dishes. They are available in single, double and triple-door configurations. They cater to various capacities.

best commercial refrigerator
best commercial refrigerator


Streamline your workflow with these double-door units accessible from both sides. Ideal for back-of-house preparation areas and service lines.

Undercounter Refrigerator

Undercounters are compact and space-saving units. They fit seamlessly beneath the counters. Hence providing convenient storage for frequently used items.

best commercial refrigerator
best commercial refrigerator

Walk-In Refrigerator

Walk in coolers and freezers are large-scale rooms. They offer extensive storage for bulk ingredients and perishables. They are ideal for high-volume establishments.

Merchandiser Freezers

Merchandisers are visually appealing units with glass doors. They are perfect for showcasing grab-and-go items like beverages and desserts.

best commercial refrigerator
best commercial refrigerator


Worktops are a combination of refrigeration and workspace. These units offer a space-efficient solution for kitchens with limited counter space.


These versatile units have separate compartments. Each compartment has a different temperature ideal for storing meat, dairy and produce.

best commercial refrigerator
best commercial refrigerator

Refrigerated Base

Integrate seamless refrigeration into your prep stations or buffet lines with these under-counter units designed to fit beneath food prep equipment.

Refrigerated Display Cases

Refrigerated Display Cases are used for showcasing items to attract customers. They are used in several settings, ranging from retail establishments and restaurants.

best commercial refrigerator

Features to Consider While Buying a Commercial Refrigerator

There are several features to consider before buying a commercial refrigerator. A few of them are listed below:

  • Capacity and Size: Match the unit’s size and storage capacity to your kitchen’s volume and food requirements.
  • Temperature Range: Choose a unit that accommodates the specific temperature needs of your stored food items.
  • Door Style: Consider solid or glass doors based on your storage needs, visibility requirements, and aesthetic preferences.
  • Shelving: Adjustable shelves and drawers improve organization and access.
  • Defrosting System: Automatic defrost systems in a refrigerator not only save time but also energy consumption.
  • Energy Efficiency: For lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact go for Energy Star-certified models.
  • Durability: For durability choose units built with high-quality materials and components.
  • Warranty: Buy a refrigeration unit that is backed by a reliable warranty.

Tips for Buying a Commercial Refrigerator:

To make an informed decision while choosing a refrigerator for your commercial setup. Here are some expert tips:

  • Assess your needs: Clearly define your refrigeration needs. Your storage requirements, budget and kitchen layout before buying a refrigeration unit.
  • Research different brands and models: Research different brands. Compare their features, capacities and price range to find the refrigeration system according to your needs.
  • Consider long-term costs:  Consider factors like energy efficiency, maintenance and warranty coverages while making a decision.
  • Read online reviews and expert recommendations: Gain valuable insights from other users and industry professionals.
  • Seek professional advice: Consult with restaurant equipment suppliers or kitchen designers for personalized recommendations.
  • Don’t forget installation: Consider the expenses associated with the refrigeration installation process. Check if they align with your budget constraints or not. Professional installation can play a pivotal role in ensuring the optimal functioning and longevity of your appliance

Investing in the best commercial refrigerator is an investment in your business’s success. With careful consideration and informed choices, you’ll find the perfect unit to keep your food fresh, your kitchen efficient, and your customers satisfied.

Common FAQs About Best Commercial Refrigerator

What is the best commercial refrigerator freezer combo for home use?

The best commercial refrigerator freezer combo for home use is the True T-49-HC, offering ample space and energy efficiency.

What is the best commercial refrigerator for home?

For home use, the True T-23-HC is an excellent commercial refrigerator, ensuring reliable cooling performance and durability.

What is the best commercial refrigerator brand?

Sub-Zero is recognized as the best commercial refrigerator brand, renowned for premium quality and innovative features.

What is the best commercial refrigerator freezer combo?

The True T-49-HC stands out as the best commercial refrigerator freezer combo, combining efficiency and spacious storage for diverse needs.

What is the best commercial refrigerator for residential use?

The Sub-Zero BI-36U is the top choice for a commercial refrigerator for residential use, providing luxury and functionality.

What is the best commercial refrigerator thermometer

The AcuRite 00986M is the best commercial refrigerator thermometer, offering accurate temperature readings for optimal food storage.

What are the best commercial refrigerator brands?

  • Best Overall: LG 650 L Frost Free Inverter Side By Side Refrigerator. …
  • Best Budget: Whirlpool 235 L 2 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator. …
  • Best Double Door: Godrej 244 L 3 Star Convertible Freezer 6-In-1, 30 Days Farm Freshness, Frost Free Inverter Double Door Refrigerator.

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